Spooky halloween garland

Get spooky this halloween with my free templates for your own paper cut garland, there’s a brush lettered spooky and mini ghosties to download for free below! If you have a Cricut machine you can import the templates straight onto the design space or if you are cutting by hand make sure you print the templates at 100% for the same size garland as mine. I added the eyes on to the ghosts with a black marker pen but you could get as creative as you like with decorating them. I’d love to see if you use them so do tag me on instagram so I can see!

spooky halloween garland.jpg

Your templates will appear on a new page, you just need to drag them to your desktop ☽


Creating your own collages is a really easy way to create some artwork for your home and you only need a few materials to get started…

  • Card ( I used a 160GSM card)

  • A4 thick card (I used a 300GSM)

  • Watercolour paints

  • Paint brush

  • Sharpie

  • Scissors & glue

    Paint blocks of colours on to your cards using the watercolour paint, if you don’t have watercolours any paint pen, colouring pencil or paints will work fine. Using your brush and paints try some mark making, using the end of the brush to create some textured patterns, just enjoy making different shapes with the paint. Using the sharpie create a few blocks of patterns… spots, lines, cross hatch all work well for abstract style patterns.

mark making sheets

Once dry cut shapes out of your card. Try simple shapes like half moons, rectangles, circles, triangles and squares mixed with leaf style shapes.


Once you have cut out a variety of shapes in different sizes you can try putting them together on the the thick piece of A4 card. Just have fun playing around with different arrangements until you are happy with how the page is looking.

collage artwork

Once you are happy use a pritt stick to stick your elements down. Leave to dry and then your artwork is ready for its new home.



So I thought I’d add a blog page on to my website so I can share a bit more behind the scenes, inspiration, DIYs and home. I have shared DIYs on instagram stories before but realised that they don’t all have a home to sit in together so voila here is their new home and hopefully I will share a few ideas before christmas incase anyone is doing some handmade presents.

Here is what has been inspiring me so far this month, I usually make a moodboard at the start of each month, just taking an hour or so to put it together so that I can go back to it throughout the month for ideas. I’m not strict about what goes onto it and it’s usually heavily filled with florals, foliage and arrangements that give me lots of inspiration for painting…

october mood.jpg

I’ve been really drawn to abstract shapes and paired back colour combinations this month. I just love the way autumnal stems of foliage, grasses and dried leaves create really interesting structures and have been leaning towards these in our house - Also dried flowers last and for someone who likes to have flowers in every room at all times this is a godsend!